Voodoo Magic is an ingame skill that is used to cast various spells, utilising the power of voodoo. It is a highly versatile skill, and extremely helpful against certain monsters. Ingame, magicians are known as boroks (male) or witch doctors (female). Magicians can damage their opponents from a safe distance, de-buff opponents combat stats, hit multiple targets at once and many other things.

Magicians can do many things outside of combat, such as teleporting themselves (or others) to distant locations, enchanting items to give them buffs, converting items to coins, and even curing or healing other players. 

Every "magician" class starts off with a basic spellbook. You unlock neww spellbooks from leveling up, or  Each spellbook has various spells,  There are many forms of voodoo magic, each type has its own spellbook. 

Default Spellbooks

  • Level 1 Magicians - Basic Spellbook</li>
  • Level 25 Magicians - Advanced Spellbook</li>
  • Level 50 Magicans - Extraction Spellbook</li>

    Unique spellbooks

  • Medic Spellbook (unlocked from the quest "Help Us!" </li>
  • Legendary Spellbook (very rare drop from endgame boss, the Kraken)</li>

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